I don’t know about you, but I’m still slightly reeling from series 3 and the impact it had on the fandom (Mary and her, let’s put it mildly, ‘ambiguous character’) and I don’t think I am prepared for speculations about ‘expecting the unexpected’ or that series 4 is going to be ‘devestating’ and so ‘dark’ - not yet anyway.

Although I am quite convinced that I am reading the narrative (and the vast amount of subtext) correctly and that Johnlock is going to be endgame in whatever form, there’s still the chance that the writers won’t go there and I don’t think I could take bad writing decisions as far as Mary or Sherlock and John are concerned very well. And that bothers me - a lot.


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why does Moffat think that a good show is a sad show?


Congratulations to Benedict and Martin on their Emmy wins


Congratulations to Benedict and Martin on their Emmy wins

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Yesterday it was my grandfather’s funeral, and one of my guinea pigs has a broken leg, and I’m going back to work tomorrow, and it’s the start of school in less than a week, and today I’m cleaning up all the house…

And all I want is curl up in a ball with my computer and try to figure out what I’ve missed in the fandom.

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Your Current Sexuality:

Tom Hiddleston Jumping On Tables

  • Right from the goddamn floor
  • No running starts
  • Power of his piston-rod thighs
  • His right thigh in the Loki’d Outtakes one when he lands it - my god in heaven
  • The butt in the Loki’d Outtakes one after he lands it - gross sobs
  • Josh Horowitz’ expression the entire time
  • Bonus: Prince Hal and Loki’d!Tom are two of the most drop-dead beautiful Toms that ever dared to exist

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I agree

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more Sherlock and John laughing and solving cases together less Sherlock and John miserable away from each other thanks

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